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HC Ink
An oil-based pigment ink was developed exclusively for the HC5500 printer.
  Special ink for High Speed Printing  
An oil-based pigment ink was developed exclusively for the HC5500 printer. The ink's quick-drying characteristics prevents it from staining the back side of the printed paper, prevents the paper from rippling, and allows high speed duplex inkjet printing at speeds that would have been impossible in the past. Duplex printing reduces the volume of paper being used and can reduce office printing costs. The ink is also resistant to light radiation and water. It's the perfect quality ink for business applications that demand resistance to fading and moisture.*

* Differs depending on paper type and usage environment.


  Optimal Control of ink amount  
The "FORCEJETTM" engine achieves extremely fine gradations by controlling the ink drop amount so that up to 8 gradations can be achieved in a single colour dot.

  ComColor™ Standard : Reducing the cost of full colour printing  
The amount of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink used is controlled to take into account the original and paper type. The unique ComColorTM Standard colour profile allows output at an image quality appropriate to the image to reduce ink consumption.

  High-Volume Ink Cartridges  
Each high-volume colour ink cartridge holds 1,000ml. The printer's ink cartridges let you make over 64,000 copies* without replacing cartridges. The one-colour-per-cartridge system also lets you replace only the colour that has been used up, and helps to reduce consumable waste.

*A4 size single side, RISO colour standard original, continuous printing in standard mode.


  Large-Capacity Paper Feed Tray  
By loading the same size paper into the upper/lower 2-level front and standard paper feed trays, over 2,500 sheets can be fed into the printer*. The front paper feed tray can also be refilled when the standard paper feed tray is in use, allowing a large volume of paper to be continuously fed without having to halt the print job. And of course different paper sizes can be set in the front and standard paper feed trays respectively.

* For 85g/m2 paper.


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